‘Mi-Fi’ – All the Intelligent Mobile Hotspot

Fast and readily accessible information has become an essential element of our daily lives these days. Internet thus becomes our basic necessity and for that people have dialups, DSL, and Wi-Fi. But also for ultra portable and wireless connectivity we have now wound up with the Mi-Fi giving a rate over 100Mbps. But, a Mi-Fi, what on Earth could that be?

Well for nearly all of you who do not know, Mi-Fi is just a short form for ‘My Wi-Fi’ ;.But this again cannot be described just any Wi-Fi internet device such as routers, receivers, and transmitters. The Mi-Fi is just a small, portable, mobile broadband connectivity device that gives a lasting hotspot to its user no matter where he or she goes.

A Mi-Fi device performs all the functions required for connecting up to 5 wireless internet devices and has the capacity to receive, transmit, and provide connectivity all at the exact same time. You may nevertheless be wondering regarding what’s different about this product as that is yet another invention. Well, you’d be surprised to learn that this product is not more than the size of a bank card, can easily fit in your pocket, does not have any plugs, no leads, and provides completely hassle free 3G and now 4G connectivity especially very important to those laptop and notebook users who’re always on the go.

The Mi-Fi device can be called a wise mobile hotspot for such a great and convenient way of staying connected within the internet. It is famous to work with 3G cellular networks, although according to some sources, the 4G technology may also offer seamless connectivity. The device is recognized to spread its internet cloud for about a spherical diameter of 30 feet to any wi-fi enabled device as you are able to think of. Many users may also utilize it to make cheap or somewhat free calls by using its internet technology and VoIP options in cellular phones and notebooks these days.

The advantages of the Mi-Fi products are numerous but there’s just one drawback that says everything, and that would obviously be the price to use it. You’ll always have to pay for more for convenience and the device itself is recognized to cost around $400, many cellular companies offering service packages for corporate users on they go from $59.99 and up. Currently the key leaders for his or her services on this product include Novatel, Verizon, and Vodafone etc.

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